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Secure and safe schools
District 8 schools must be safe, vigilant, but welcoming centers of learning. Horrific headlines around the country tell us that we cannot take school safety for granted. Collaborations with local governmental entities to secure our campuses are paramount.
Scrutinizing every dollar spent
As an accountant, Anael Luebanos knows numbers and how to scrutinize a budget. He believes that the role of the Board of Education is to safeguard the taxpayers’ trust. He will prioritize spending on classroom resources, investing in teachers, and not bureaucracy. Transparency and trust are key.
Sparking parental engagement
Far too many District 8 schools lack PTA’s or significant parental engagement. A large percentage of children live in households that speak Spanish or other languages at home. Anael Luebanos will change the culture at District 8 schools to welcome the parents and family members of children to be on campus and engaged in their childrens’ education regardless of language barriers.
Student discipline in the classroom
A quiet and well-behaved classroom is the laboratory of learning. Anael Luebanos will stand with teachers who have to deal with disruption and even violence, far too often. He plans to streamline the confusing standards for reporting and removing disruptive children. Too many institutional incentives exist to sweep incidents under the rug, fail to report incidents, and downplay their significance.
Improving academic performance in the FWISD
Anael Luebanos has a plan to strengthen academic performance at every campus in District 8 through hands-on leadership. Getting every child on a path to college readiness or technical vocational training will be will be the top priority.